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What is a receiver of rent?

A receiver of rent is a specified individual generally appointed by a mortgage lender to take receipt of rental income from tenants and pay it directly to the lender. A receiver is also responsible for the maintenance of a property and for ensuring the property complies with all relevant safety regulations. Typically a receiver of rent is appointed when the landlord has in some way breached their mortgage conditions.

By appointing a receiver of rent, a lender avoids the need for possession proceedings, which in turn allows tenants to remain in the property, subject to the terms of their tenancy agreement.

The appointment means that we effectively become your landlord's agent in respect of the property. All rent due by you from the date of our appointment must be paid to our managing agent and not to your landlord or their managing agent.

The effect on you as a tenant is minimal and your rights remain unaffected. The main differences are:

  • Once a receiver of rent has been appointed, you must pay your rent directly to our appointed managing agent and not to your landlord
  • If there is no managing agent, you will need to forward the rent to the receiver and not to your landlord
  • When the current tenancy expires, the receiver, and not the landlord, will contact you to discuss the tenancy agreement
  • The receiver, not your landlord, will carry out any essential repairs to the property
  • Your first point of contact, should you have any queries, will be the receiver and not the landlord

Please note it is important that you fully cooperate with the receiver of rent as non-cooperation may lead to legal action being taken.

A tenant's guide

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Redbrick Survey & Valuation is a leading firm of professional chartered surveyors, who have extensive experience in the receiver of rent process. It is part of The Paragon Banking Group.

Redbrick Survey & Valuation Limited has been appointed by the receiver of rent of your property to facilitate, communicate and administer the receiver of rent process. Redbrick Survey & Valuation Limited is registered in England and Wales. Registered Number 5390659.

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